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I have used Nature's Kiss for the last 10 years. As a physiotherapist in private practice I needed something that was versatile, soothing, the correct consistency ,and most all, something that was good for my patients. Once I'd found Nature's Kiss, I never looked back.


5 years ago I became Head Physiotherapist at The Sharks and immediately requested that we move from the traditional oils and lotions to Nature's Kiss. My job requires me to use different massage and manual techniques and Nature's Kiss allows me to change between these without having to change the medium I use. It is equally good for massage as well as the other manual techniques. It has a high safety profile and its hypoallergenic quality has meant that I have never had to deal with adverse skin reactions.


Thank you for a wonderful product that I fully endorse and will continue to use for years to come.


Kind regards


Deane Macquet

Head Physiotherapist Sharks Rugby






In our very busy general as well as sports practice Nature's Kiss has become the one thing that we cannot do without.

We are 4 physiotherapists working in the practice as well as private clinic and Provincial Hospital.


The product has proved itself over and over.

Patients come back time and time again to buy it, praising the amazing pain relieving effect on every patient as a wonderful remedy for soft tissues injuries, bruises, arthritic joint and general pain relief.


Thank you very much.




SS Pieterse & S Terblanche





We at the Bulls Rugby use Nature's Kiss everyday in our treatments. We find that the players recover quicker seeing that it has an anti-inflammatory component. We find it is ideal for treating soft tissue and joint injuries resulting from the impact with training and rugby games. We use it for almost anything ranging from contusions, joint pain and strains. We are very happy with Nature's Kiss


Medical team from the Super 15 Bulls

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